Welcome to the Nordic Impro Meeting 2017!

The event will take place in a school located on the island of Korppoo, in the archipelago area of Turku, Finland. The place is surrounded by forest and sea. We will have access to 3 dance spaces, small grassy outdoor areas, forest and sea studios and of course a sauna on 5 evenings. On the arrival day the organisers will be at the venue from 12:00 onwards but only dinner will be served at 18:00, so if you come early make sure you have something to nourish your bellies.

Sleeping and what to bring

In addition to all personal items, you need to bring your own bed linen/sleeping bag, a sleeping mattress and a towel. The archipelago is famous for ticks so just keep that in mind when coming. It’s possible but extremely rare to catch Lime disease and TBE from the ticks. Lodging happen in classrooms, so the venue doesn´t offer anything else than space for sleeping. We have 6 classrooms and a stage area in the Kommunalgården for sleeping but as they are not so large, we recommend to bring tents as we can use the grass outside the school. It’s also a nice way to have some space and privacy in an otherwise intense and full-on-contact gathering.

Midsummer celebration!

This year we have a special possibility cause NIM ends around the time of midsummer celebration. Summer solstice is on the 21.6 but the national midsummer celebration happens on friday 23.6, the day NIM ends. We have an idea to continue to celebrate the midnight sun together. The archipelago offers amazing islands, for example Nötö and Jurmo to which there is free transportation. http://www.jurmo.com/ and http://www.noto.fi/finnish/index.php. One possibility is to go camping and celebrating there together. If you feel that this idea resonates with you, bring also your tent and other things that you need for camping. We will plan this idea more during the NIM.