Welcome to the Nordic Impro Meeting 2019!

The event will take place in a school located in a small town, Stallarholmen, close to Strängnäs about an hour west of Stockholm. The town is surrounded by fields and lake Mälaren. We will have access to different dance spaces both in the school and Gula industrihuset, the lake, small grassy outdoor areas, and of course a sauna evenings. On the arrival day the organisers will be at the venue from 15:00 onwards but dinner will be served at 18:00, so if you come early make sure you have something to nourish your bellies.
There is a bakery/café next to the school and a food store 10 min walk away. 

Sleeping and what to bring

In addition to all personal items, you need to bring your own bed linen/sleeping bag, a sleeping mattress and a towel. Lodging happens in sleeping halls on the floor, we have 4 rooms available. We can also arrange space for tents and caravans.
Ear plugs could be good to have.